XRPL and XRP Rally: Hundreds of Projects Fuel 30% Price Rise

• XRP is up by 30% as hundreds of projects building on XRPL are driving prices higher.
• The XRPLedger provides smart contract functionalities that put it on par with other layer-1 protocols.
• The growth of XRP is due to increased adoption, innovations and the end of misinformation about the protocol.

XRP Price Soaring

Hundreds of projects building on XRPL and optimism for Ripple case have driven prices for digital asset XRP up by 30%.

The Powerful XRPLedger

The underlying power source of this growth is the capabilities of the XRPLedger. It supports a range of smart contract functionalities, allowing it to compete with other layer-1 protocols and increase its adoption among developers.

Factors Behind Growth

The growth in demand for XRP can be attributed to several factors, including new projects embracing the protocol, innovation such as smart contracts and sidechains, and an end to misinformation around the capabilities of the technology.

SEC Lawsuit Suppresses Value

Despite suppression from a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), XRP has continued to thrive thanks to community support and Ripple Labs‘ strong business presence outside the US.

Bullish Triggers Ahead

Crypto educator @panosmek believes that there are more bullish triggers ahead for XRP due to upcoming developments, learning about its decentralized features and enhanced efficiency.