MEMAG Launches NFT Marketplace: Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming with Crypto Rewards

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) recently completed a successful token presale, raising over $5 million.
• The project is now launching an NFT marketplace in March for mobile gamers to access utility NFTs.
• This follows from MEMAG’s exchange listings, signalling impressive upwards momentum for the project in Web3.

Meta Masters Guild Completes Successful Token Presale

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) recently concluded a successful token presale, raising over $5 million and seeing its price rise from $0.007 to $0.023 per token. The project offers a variety of play-to-earn (P2E) titles tailored to mobile gamers all around the world, setting itself apart in the wider GameFi sector.

Exchange Listings with Upwards Momentum

Following on from its recent successes, Meta Masters Guild announced that the MEMAG token will be listed on various digital asset exchanges such as and UniSwap at the $0.023 price level – giving investors who may have missed out on the crypto presale another chance to get involved.

Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming Market

The platform is looking to revolutionize the mobile gaming market by combining addictive games with crypto earning capabilities – potentially leading to massive valuations for this new project which directly targets the industry currently worth over $150 billion by offering players custody over their in-game assets and financial rewards for playing.

MEMAG NFT Marketplace Launch

The Meta Masters Guild team just announced that it will be launching their MEMAG NFT marketplace come March 2021 – granting mobile gamers direct access to utility Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These customizable items can be collected within games and won as prizes, allowing users to truly own their gaming experience while also enjoying automated financial rewards through cryptocurrency payments or staking activities on MEMAG’s platform.


With its successful token presale, exchange listings and upcoming launch of an NFT marketplace – Meta Masters Guild has gained significant upwards momentum in Web3 and looks set to revolutionize the mobile gaming market with its unique capabilities of providing both entertainment and financial gains for those who engage with it.