IOTA Shimmer Network Experiences Explosive Growth; Millions of Transactions Prompt Expansion

• IOTA’s Shimmer Network Experiences Explosive Growth with Millions of Transactions prompting the development team to accelerate their ecosystem expansion
• The total active addresses on ShimmerEVM testnet has surpassed 1 million and daily transactions have crossed 300K
• There was a temporary setback for IOTA ShimmerEVM testnet due network congestion.

IOTA’s Shimmer Network Experiences Explosive Growth

The IOTA Foundation and their Shimmer network have been actively working to bring new improvements to the ecosystem. This has led to explosive growth in the number of transactions, prompting the development team to accelerate their ecosystem expansion.

Surpassed 1 Million Active Addresses

Ten days after its launch, the ShimmerEVM testnet attained the milestone of 1 million transactions. The total number of active addresses on the network has now also surpassed 1 million. This is a spectacular growth trajectory considering how quickly it was achieved. Furthermore, more than 2,500 smart contracts have been deployed through this network.

Interoperable Protocol for Blockchain Developers and Users

The launch of the ShimmerEVM testnet marks an important milestone in extending an interoperable protocol for blockchain developers and users who are developing EVM-compatible smart contracts. With this launch, a variety of possibilities and features are available through the Shimmer protocol. The IOTA developers will continue testing this EVM during its public testnet phase to identify any bugs or areas that need improvement as part of their ongoing efforts.

Temporary Setback due to Congestion

On Sunday, May 7th, IOTA faced some issues with network congestion which hinted at scope for improving performance in the long run. On Twitter they made an announcement regarding this temporary setback: “We are currently experiencing heavy congestion on the #ShimmerEVM Testnet, challenging the chain’s limits & allowing us to improve performance in the long run.“


The surge in activity within just one month since its launch shows that there is great potential for success with further improvements being made over time by dedicated developers behind this project. This should be exciting news for those looking forward to using these services as it demonstrates progress towards meeting consumer needs and providing them with a reliable product that can perform well even under increased demand levels.