Gaming Giant PlayWay and GameSwift Utilize Blockchain to Expand Web3 Gaming

• OuterLife is a new web3 gaming incubator and accelerator by GameSwift and PlayWay which utilizes MATIC blockchain’s scaling capabilities.
• With their SDK, devs & studios can port simulation games to web3 and plug into an interconnected digital reality.
• Blockchain technology has the ability to provide new enhancements to tried and tested gaming models, allowing players to get close to the game more than ever.

PlayWay & GameSwift Introduce OuterLife

GameSwift and global gaming giant PlayWay are the latest companies to tap into the Polygon zkEVM’s unlimited blockchain scaling capabilities as part of an effort to expand into the gaming ecosystem. The two companies have teamed up to introduce a new Web3 gaming incubator and accelerator called OuterLife.

OuterLife’s Features

OuterLife would see the integration of PlayWay’s over 100 subsidiary gaming studios and libraries of simulation titles, Polygon’s cutting-edge protocol, and GameSwift’s steam-like modular gaming platform. The SDK enables developers & studios to port their simulation games to web3 and plug into an interconnected digital reality. Players will be able to self-custody with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in order take items & abilities from one simulation game to another.

The Impact Of Blockchain Technology On Gaming

According to PlayWay, it will port some of its catalog of games so that gamers can experience a fresh and engaging experience for gamers. Other gaming studios that produce simulators have also been allowed join the incubator and use a zk-powered Polygon Supernet for building their blockchain projects on top of it. Paweł Łaskarzewski, COO at OuterLife believes that blockchain technology has immense potential when it comes disrupting the traditional ways of gaming as it provides players with new ways of getting close with games than ever before.

Investments In Web3 Gaming

According to reports, over $739M has been invested in first half 2019 alone in projects looking that look at bringing blockchain technology too mainstream gaming space while many other projects are being formed or looked upon by investors who believe this space holds immense potential for disruption as well as returns in long run investments giving way for more innovative ideas from devs around globe .


OuterLife aims at providing a scalable, efficient, secure all-in-one simulation platform powered by zkEVM which other developers can build upon easily reducing time spent on setting up infrastructure while providing great user experience thanks to integration with over 100 subsidiaries owned by Playway along side Polygons cutting edge protocol .