Crypto Crash: Is Ethereum Founder to Blame for Bitcoin Price Drop?

•Justin Sun, founder of TRON, suggested that Vitalik Buterin’s recent breakup may have caused a dip in the crypto market.
•Rumors about Buterin’s breakup have sparked controversy and speculation in the crypto community.
•Sun proposed playing matchmaker for Buterin to help him move on from his recent breakup and restore market confidence.

Breakup Rumor Causes Controversy

The rumors about Vitalik Buterin’s recent breakup sparked controversy and speculation in the crypto community. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, suggested that this could be responsible for a dip in the price of Ethereum (ETH). Since the beginning of the week, ETH has already declined by 10%.

Sun Proposes Matchmaking Plan

In an effort to help Vitalik move on from his recent break up and restore market confidence, Sun proposed playing matchmaker for him. This bizarre proposal has caught attention within the crypto community. Despite some calling it crazy, others expressed their support for the idea.

What Sparked Rumors?

The rumors were sparked by a “like” left by Vitalik on a post describing a Chinese breakup song a few hours ago. This led people to speculate about what happened between him and his partner leading to their split.

Opinion Divided Over Proposal

The opinion over Sun’s proposal is divided – while some people think it is ridiculous, others are more supportive of it as they believe it can help restore trust in the crypto markets. It remains to be seen whether or not this plan will actually have any effect on restoring investor confidence or if it will just remain an interesting rumor circulating through the crypto world.


Vitalik Buterin’s recent breakup has certainly caused some waves in the crypto community with many speculating that this could be responsible for causing a dip in cryptocurrency prices such as Ethereum (ETH). Justin Sun’s proposal to play matchmaker for Buterin has been met with mixed responses – while some find it absurd, others see potential value in it being able to restore investor confidence back into cryptocurrencies like ETH once again.