Shiba Inu Network Nears Beta Launch: Shibarium Beta Phase on the Horizon

• Shibarium is nearing its beta launch, with the developers completing the network’s website update.
• The Shiba Inu developers are now integrating the final pieces of the upgrade, as well as making organizational changes and releasing documents before the Shibarium project launch.
• An influencer on Twitter has shared messages from core developers, Trophias and Shytoshi Kusama, about the upcoming launch.

The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency project is just a few steps away from launching its much-anticipated beta phase, Shibarium. After completing the network’s website update on Sunday, the Shiba Inu developers are at the final stages of completing the Shibarium updates. The news of the upcoming launch was revealed by an influencer on Twitter with the username @ShibBPP, who shared a Discord message posted by one of the network’s core developers, Trophias. Trophias hinted that all that is left before the beta launch is for the developers to release the Shibarium whitepaper.

The upcoming launch is expected to be a major step forward for the Shiba Inu project, as it will bring with it a new level of functionality and utility for users. It is also worth noting that the core developers have previously teased the Shiba Inu community about launching the Shibarium beta phase. This milestone is expected to bring a range of significant changes to the Shiba Inu network, including an improved platform for trading SHIB tokens, as well as additional improvements to the network’s security and scalability.

In addition, the Shiba Inu developer shared another message from Shytoshi Kusama in a follow-up Twitter post. Kusama’s discord message reveals that developers are integrating the final pieces of the upgrade, which will be accompanied by organizational changes and document releases before the Shibarium project launch.

The upcoming launch of the Shibarium beta phase is a major step forward for the Shiba Inu project and its community. The launch will bring a range of new features and improvements to the network, while also allowing users to trade SHIB tokens and take advantage of increased security and scalability. With the final steps before the launch being taken, the Shiba Inu community is eagerly awaiting the launch of the Shibarium beta phase.

Dash 2 Trade Raises $11.4m in Presale, Ready for 2023 CEX Listings

• Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto intelligence platform, currently in the midst of a successful presale phase.
• Many experts believe the D2T token price could explode in 2023, as the project gears up for CEX listings in the coming weeks.
• The presale has already raised $11.4m and is scheduled to end on January 6th, allowing investors to access the platform’s tools and features earlier.

Dash 2 Trade is a brand-new crypto intelligence platform that is making waves in the crypto market. The platform has seen an unprecedented level of success in its presale phase, raising an impressive $11.4m in just over two months. This has enabled the project to move forward with its roadmap plans and prepare for a series of major exchange listings in January 2023.

The Dash 2 Trade platform was created to address the growing need for practical and objective tools to help investors navigate the challenging market conditions caused by high inflation and rising interest rates. The platform is equipped with powerful features, such as a unique risk management system and advanced analytics tools, which allow investors to make informed decisions about their trades.

With the presale now entering its final week, the development team has announced that the end date has been brought forward to January 6th – allowing investors to access the platform’s tools and features earlier. This decision has been met with enthusiasm from the investment community, as they prepare to take full advantage of the platform’s features.

The Dash 2 Trade team has been overwhelmed by the success of the presale and is now looking ahead to the future. Many experts believe that the D2T token price could explode in 2023, as the project gears up for its CEX listings. This would mark a major turning point in the crypto market, as investors look to capitalize on the platform’s powerful tools and features.

With the presale coming to an end in the coming days, the Dash 2 Trade team are now firmly focused on the future. As the crypto market continues to evolve, the platform is well-positioned to take advantage of the changing landscape and help investors make the most of their investments.

Cardano Leads Blockchain Development Activity Again in 2022!

• Cardano has unseated 9 Blockchain protocols to lead overall development activity in 2022.
• Santiment observed a bullish reversal trend among ADA sellers, with short positions reducing significantly.
• Cardano led the overall blockchain development activity in 2021, with more than 140,000 active network contributors.

Cardano, the blockchain protocol known for its smart contract capabilities, has emerged as the leader in blockchain development activity for 2022. According to Santiment, a market insights provider, Cardano unseated nine other protocols to lead the overall development activity this year. The news was shared in a tweet by Santiment today.

Behind Cardano were Polkadot (DOT), Cosmos (ATOM), Ethereum (ETH), InternetComputer (ICP), Elrond (EGLD), Flow (FLOW), Optimism (OP), Aptos (APT), and Polygon (MATIC). The milestone is a remarkable one for Cardano, considering the year was mostly filled with continuous pushback as the bear market stunted the growth of many protocols.

The growth of Cardano can be largely credited to its active network contributors, which came to a total of 53. Santiment also observed the state of the Solana and Aptos Blockchains. It was noted that Aptos had been working hard before the mainnet launch and had slowed down after, while Solana had strong development activity but the metric was declining heavily through the year.

It’s worth noting that Cardano had also led the overall blockchain development activity in 2021. Last year, development activity on the network surpassed 140,000. Additionally, back in November, Cardano was ranked first in the network’s developer activity index by Arcane Research.

The news is a huge milestone for the Cardano network, which has been steadily growing since its launch in 2017. With the network’s focus on scalability and sustainability, it looks to be on a path of greater adoption and success. As Cardano continues to lead blockchain development activity, it will be interesting to see how the protocol fares in the future.

China Launches First State-Backed NFT Marketplace: Opportunities Await

• China is set to roll out its first state-backed NFT marketplace, to be managed by multiple state own entities.
• The marketplace, dubbed as „China Digital Asset Trading Platform, was put together by China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, China Technology Exchange, and Huaban Digital Copyright Service Center Co., Ltd.
• The platform will allow for the trading of multiple items, including digital collectibles.

China is taking a huge step towards the adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with the launch of their first state-backed NFT marketplace. This platform, called the China Digital Asset Trading Platform, was put together by the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, China Technology Exchange, and Huaban Digital Copyright Service Center Co., Ltd. The platform is set to launch on January 1, 2023 and it will allow users to trade collectibles, digital copyrights and property rights.

The platform is expected to have a profound effect on China’s cultural industry. The integration of new technologies such as NFTs into the Chinese market could bring about significant growth in the sector. The platform will also offer a variety of digital products, from digital collectibles to digital rights and copyrights.

In order to ensure the security of the platform and its users, the platform will be using a variety of technologies. It will be using blockchain-based solutions to ensure the authenticity and security of the transactions. Additionally, the platform will be using smart contracts to ensure that the rights and copyrights of the digital products are correctly handled.

The China Digital Asset Trading Platform is a major step forward for China’s adoption of NFTs. It is expected to bring about a new wave of opportunities in the cultural industry, as well as providing a secure environment for trading digital products. As the platform is set to launch in the near future, it will be interesting to see how it will be received by the public.

Alameda Research Liquidates $1.7M in Crypto Assets, Sparks Market Concerns

• On December 29th, Alameda Research sold a large portion of its crypto assets, worth $1.7 million.
• The assets were Ethereum-based tokens, such as USDC, DAI, CRV, CVX, ETH and more.
• The funds were converted into BTC from USDT via token-swap service platforms like FixedFloat or ChangeNow.

Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, was recently forced to file for bankruptcy proceedings along with the FTX exchange in mid-November. On-chain data shows that on December 29th, Alameda Research liquidated a large portion of its crypto assets worth $1.7 million. These assets consisted of Ethereum-based tokens, such as USDC, DAI, CRV, CVX, ETH and more.

The funds were exchanged for Tether’s USDT stablecoins, and then swapped for BTC via token-swap service platforms like FixedFloat or ChangeNow. The value of these assets ranged from a fraction of ETH to more than 15 ETH. Arkham Intelligence revealed that Alameda Research still holds sizable crypto assets comprising various tokens worth more than $112 million.

The bankruptcy filing and the subsequent liquidation of assets has caused a stir in the crypto community, as many are concerned that this could have a negative impact on the market. It remains to be seen how the market will react to this news in the coming days and weeks. For now, it appears that Alameda Research is still managing its assets, albeit in drastically reduced amounts.

Bitcoin Code scam: it is better to stay away

Leer este Bitcoin code revisión imparcial, dejar de invertir con este bit estafa Código de la moneda de aplicaciones. Sentí curiosidad cuando me encontré con que hay muchas opiniones negativas de Bitcoin code en el Internet y el pensamiento de comprobar yo mismo antes de escribir una revisión del código de Bitcoin. ¿Qué pensaría usted de un sitio web se hizo Al indicar hizo de robot de comercio de automóviles puede hacer que $ 13,000.00 cada 24 horas? ¿Lo creen? Esperamos que no! El sitio oficial de la moneda Bit código de la aplicación está diciendo exactamente esto. Los farsantes que están detrás de él, incluso ir tan lejos como para garantizarlo. El código de software Bitcoin no es de fiar; que está repleta de inconsistencias, por lo tanto esta detallada Bitcoin revisión de código.

Bitcoin code opinión: La realidad detrás del software estafa!

Para convencer a la gente, aún más, el sistema de revisión de Bitcoin code viene acompañado con una garantía más, uno que promete $ 550.00 cada hora. Esperamos que no caiga en esto tampoco. ¡Es una trampa! Cuando un sitio pasa a decir Bitcoin Code opiniones de buenas a cuánto va a ser capaz de obtener cuando se opta por un sistema, sea positivo que va a jugar con un software que no vale la pena.

Bitcoin Revisión del Código

¿Cómo funciona el Bitcoin función del sistema de código?

Supuestamente, que le permite bitcoins el comercio, sin tener que comprar realmente bitcoins. ¿Tiene esto algún sentido para ti, especialmente cuando esa es la única información que el sitio de la estafa Bitcoin code tiene en exhibición? Esta grita ‚estafa‘ a nosotros!

aplicación de Bitcoin code no es libre!

A pesar de que el sitio web de revisión de Bitcoin code afirma que se trata de un software libre, no lo es. Usted tendrá que hacer una inversión de “utilizar” la misma. Hemos utilizado comillas porque no va a ser capaz de usarlo, no importa cuánto invertir. La razón por la cual el sitio sistema de código de Bitcoin menciona que sea libre es conseguir que introduzca sus datos personales en la primera página; al hacerlo, incluso si no se inscribe, van a ser capaces de hacer un montón de dinero de usted. Van a vender sus datos a terceros, a los que desea enviar correo no deseado, así como se le enviará correos electrónicos todos los días, tratando de llegar a probar la estafa Bitcoin code. En caso de que no eran conscientes, casi todos estafa por ahí hace esto; Por lo tanto, hay que ser muy cuidadoso en cuanto a qué sitios se opta Enlace a la página por compartir sus datos personales, sobre todo cuando se trata de su dirección de correo electrónico.

¿Cuál es la tasa de éxito del Programa Bitcoin code?

De acuerdo con las declaraciones que son supuestamente de Steve McKay, que es el supuesto nombre de la persona que creó el Código estafa Bitcoin, con las señales de código de Bitcoin, que siempre va a ganar. Esta es otra garantía de que esta falsa está dando a gente inocente! No hay manera de que un robot de auto-negociación puede venir acompañada de una garantía siempre-ganar, ya que no se sabe cómo va a ser el mercado al día siguiente y lo que sus acciones serán en él. No hay manera de que uno puede decir cuántas victorias usted será capaz de obtener.

Sin embargo, cuando se trata de un programa que ha sido declarado como legítimo y analizado, una tasa de éxito aproximada puede ser proporcionada porque no hay pruebas disponibles que muestra cómo funciona; este no es el caso del software de revisión del Código de Bitcoin que se ha dado mucho que hablar en diferentes sitios web, especialmente los foros y blogs.

Bitcoin revisiones de código son extremadamente negativo!

El código de Bitcoin críticas son extremadamente negativo, por lo que no se ofenden. La gente es muy molesto que este desastre es todavía en funcionamiento. Cada día, la gente sigue cayendo por ella. Parece que no se detienen a preguntarse a sí mismos-es Bitcoin code es una estafa? Si se detuvieron a preguntarse esto, se llevarían a cabo una búsqueda simple y darse cuenta de lo que es una estafa descomunal que es, uno que debe ser evitado a toda costa.

Bitcoin code App estafa

¿Quién es Steve McKay?

Este hombre se dice que es el que diseñó y desarrolló este desorden de un sistema. Se dice en la página web Bitcoin code Bitcoin que el software de Código opinión le aporta $ 18 de millones de personas cada seis semanas. ¿Dónde está la evidencia de esta afirmación? Damas y caballeros, no hay lugar dónde se encuentran! La foto de Steve McKay no es otro que una foto de archivo, uno que fue robado de otro sitio. El nombre de Steve McKay es un ser fabricado. El nombre real de la persona que creó el programa Bitcoin code y las personas que están ayudando irá desconocido! Está claro que las leyes no se han establecido para castigar este tipo de estafador. Mientras los propietarios reales de estafas no son castigados por lo que están haciendo, por desgracia, no van a parar.

Bitcoin code estafa Sitio ir al agua con mentiras

Usted notará que hay unos pocos Bitcoin code testimonios de vídeo actual. La gente en ellos están diciendo que van a ser capaces de hacer millones de dólares en tan sólo unos meses de tratar este lío de una plataforma de auto-negociación, pero ¿cómo puede ser esto si se acaba de establecer el mes pasado por la vista del público? Uno de los testimonios de revisión del Código de Bitcoin no proviene de un hombre que se pueden encontrar en

Su perfil en ese sitio afirma ‚Voy a dar un testimonio verdadero mirar o comentarios. Ha recibido decenas y decenas de críticas positivas por sus “buenas” habilidades de actuación docenas. Se cobra $ 5.00 por testimonio. La culpa es de la economía! Las personas están optando a ponerse por ahí, la prestación de servicios “que actúan” con el fin de tener algo que comer en la cena. Este llamado el actor parece ser de unos 70 años, y por lo tanto, es fácil llegar a la conclusión de que no recibe una gran cantidad de beneficios, ya que tiene que recurrir a la mentira para hacer dinero para mantenerse a sí mismo en este mundo lleno de otros mentirosos.

Siempre comprobar mi página sistemas binarios estafa  , Evita caer en la falsa aplicación de. Para la lista de software de confianza, compruebe mi señales binarias Recomendado página