Blockchain ID Innovation Night – a blockchain prelude to EIC2018

The Blockchain ID Innovation Night took place on 14 May. At this event, which took place before the European Identity Conference 2018, various company representatives presented ID projects related to Blockchain.

A jury, in which Bitcoin formula was also involved, selected one of these winners

Identity is not simply a culturally overloaded word, but the beginning of freedom, self-responsibility and property. If you think about it more carefully like in this review, one of the most rudimentary characteristics of Bitcoin formula and a crypto currency is that individuals can dispose of their property without a middleman. To do this, they must prove that they have a right to it.

Identity is a term associated with the rights and duties of individuals. This term plays a role in database accesses, transactions, in the context of know-your-customer regulations or more recently with regard to the DGSVO.

The idea of organising the rights and obligations of digital identities without a central intermediary is appealing not only to anarchists but also to companies. In this context, representatives of ten different companies presented their ideas, products and visions in the complex of topics „Blockchain and ID“. The event was a prelude to the „European Identity Conference“, which started the next day and was organized by KuppingerCole. KuppingerCole was founded in 2004 and focuses on identity management and digital identity.

In a relaxed atmosphere with wine, beer and tasty dinner, these speakers did not just come out for fun: besides a keynote speech, there was the opportunity to win a whopping 150 ETH. The mixture of a relaxed atmosphere and competition was reminiscent of science slams, so that one can speak of a blockchain slam.

An evening with beer, blockchain and a prize in Ether

The thematic range was broad: from decentralized workflows stored on a blockchain to decentralized identifiers to automated, blockchain-based KYC processes, many different aspects were touched on that touched on the complex of issues of digital identity.

As this was a competition, Dr. George Beridze of KuppingerCole paid strict attention to the time limit of 10 minutes. Some speakers did not come to the actual take-home message.

After the presentations, the speakers had to answer questions from a jury that included Martin Kuppinger, one of the founders of KuppingerCole, as well as representatives from PwC Europe, Meeco, AXA IT, CA Technologies and BTC-ECHO.

First and foremost, the audience chose the winner of the evening, which was possible with the help of an app from KuppingerCole. From the first two places, the jury finally chose the final winner.

The finalists were Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt, CTO of AG and Balázs Némethi, co-founder of Taqanu. Torsten Lodderstedt spoke in detail about various forms of centralization in the context of identity management. Unfortunately he could not finish the presentation within the given time.