3 Bitcoin price metrics just converged, a bullish run is what has always followed

Three new Bitcoin (BTC) metrics are pointing high even though the $10,000 is out of reach for the BTC/USD pair this week.

As revealed by Timothy Peterson of asset manager Cane Island Alternative Advisors, as of May 21, the leading cryptomoney is still firmly up on the three metrics he personally uses.

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200-day moving average, Metcalfe and the lowest price in the future
„I track 3 metrics of #bitcoin: Metcalfe’s value, lowest price in the future, and 200-day moving average,“ he wrote on Twitter.

April 29 was only the fourth time in history that they converged. The previous three were followed by a substantial upward trend in price.

Tracking the basket several years back, the earlier convergence occurred just before the Bitcoin bull run that began in April 2019.

As Cointelegraph reported, the 200-day moving average has often played a role in determining the long-term support and resistance levels for the price. It currently stands at $8,000.

Bitcoin’s Metcalfe value is a more complex quantum calculation, something about which Peterson wrote a dedicated guide because of its implications.

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„Bitcoin’s pricing provides a transparent look at Metcalfe’s law at work,“ he summed up at the time.

Meanwhile, the lower forward price, formerly known as „never look back,“ predicts a minimum value for BTC/USD at a given date. In April, Peterson noted that the value for December 31, 2020, was $10,400, identical to Metcalfe’s reading.


Everything goes according to PlanB
Quantitative analysts have rejected suggestions that Bitcoin is being affected by the third halving earlier this month.

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The drop in prices occurred days before the event, followed by a recovery and then a less substantial decline throughout this week.

Despite this, the price of Immediate Edge 5 new cryptoBitcoin Billionaire i’ve sent the fundsdigital currency group Bitcoin Profitethereum withdrawal fee Bitcoin Evolutionhow to transfer ethereum from Bitcoin Trader to binancehow safe and secure is Bitcoin Revolutionhow safe is Bitcoin Era wallettransfer from gdax to Bitcoin Codefollow traders The News SpyBitcoin Circuit 2 step verification code is still within the range of the stock-to-flow price model, perhaps the best known quantum tool among regular Bitcoiners.

PlanB, its creator, has shown that a price of $288,000 after halving is not unrealistic, and even doubling is a possibility over the four years to the next halving.