1,230 Projects on Cardano – Marlowe Upgrades, Hydra Aims for 1M TPS

• Cardano saw tremendous growth for the week with 1,230 projects building on its mainnet.
• Hydra is one of the most anticipated upgrades aiming to scale transactions at the rate of 1m TPS.
• There are various projects such as DJED stablecoin, Marlowe and Hydra that have been introduced in Cardano network.

Growth of Cardano

Cardano saw tremendous growth for the week with 1,230 projects building on its mainnet. Of the total of 1,230 that are building on the chain, exactly 126 launched in what signifies a very novel move to help push the diversity of decentralized applications on the Cardano protocol. The protocol has other novel milestones defined for the week which also spans the issuance of 8.18 million native tokens on the network. 65.4 million transactions carried out on this blockchain show promise that Cardano is worth watching out for. In line with its prior performances, 72,037 token policies were released within this network as well.

Innovative Projects

The innovative projects introduced in this blockchain include DJED stablecoin which is considered to be one of most collateralized ones in crypto ecosystem thus far and Plutus Scripts written out of which 2,410 scripts are currently running on Plutus V2. Founder Charles Hoskinson is leading a hoard of innovators who believe in decentralization and several more DApps scheduled to go live within this blockchain soon as well such as Marlowe and Hydra upgrades etc.,

Hydra Upgrade

Hydra remains one of the most anticipated upgrades that will scale transactions at an unprecedented rate, up to 1 Million Transactions Per Second (TPS). This upgrade aims to boost scalability coupled with improved security features making it even better than before. It will be integrated into Cardano’s existing consensus algorithm Ouroboros Praos making it easier for users to access public ledgers and execute smart contracts without any delay or errors in execution process..

Marlowe Upgrade

The Marlowe team has made some significant enhancements structuring their smart contract technology – allowing developers to build financial applications easily using domain-specific language (DSL) or high level programming languages like Haskell and ML-Lang while keeping security features intact throughout development process. This upgrade will significantly simplify development process making it more efficient than before while ensuring safety measures are met perfectly every time when executing contracts inside this blockchain ecosystem..


To sum up, Cardano Layer-1 blockchain network continues gaining traction from all aspects growing its already impressive ecosystem efficiently each day with new innovative solutions being developed constantly over time – pushing boundaries further towards becoming mainstream technology someday soon! With Charles Hoskinson leading a hoard of innovators and future upgrades such as Hydra and Marlowe coming soon – there isn’t any doubt left that Cardano stands firmly amongst top layer-1 blockchains available right now!